Measuring IT Department Performance and Value

In today’s digitally driven business environment, the IT department plays a crucial role in enabling organisational success and competitiveness. However, many judgments of IT performance remain subjective, based on opinions rather than facts. IT leaders need objective processes to measure their department’s success and value to the business. Well-designed performance Continue Reading

The Inevitable March of AI and What it Means for Jobs

The relentless march of artificial intelligence and automation will inevitably lead to significant job losses and workforce disruption, according to tech entrepreneur Ian Hogarth, the newly appointed chair of the UK government’s AI taskforce. In an interview with the BBC, Hogarth warned that protecting British jobs will prove challenging as Continue Reading

Cybersecurity Strategy and Best Practices for IT Departments

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity has become a top priority for organisations across all industries. As cyber threats evolve, IT departments must develop and implement robust cybersecurity strategies to protect their organisation’s sensitive data and maintain business continuity. This article will discuss best practices for IT departments in implementing a Continue Reading