Enhancing Cyber Resilience for the Future of Cybersecurity

Enhancing Cyber Resilience for the Future of Cybersecurity As IT professionals, we’re all too aware of the growing threats in the world of cybersecurity. Hardly a day goes by without another ransomware attack or data breach hitting the headlines. With cyber risks increasing in scale and sophistication, simply relying on Continue Reading

Microsoft Copilot for Office 365: A Promising but Incremental Step Towards Smarter Office Software

Microsoft recently announced Copilot, an AI-powered digital assistant feature included in Office 365 subscription plans. Copilot draws on Microsoft’s advanced natural language processing capabilities to provide suggestions and automation within popular Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. For office workers, having an “AI co-pilot” alongside them as they Continue Reading

The Inevitable March of AI and What it Means for Jobs

The relentless march of artificial intelligence and automation will inevitably lead to significant job losses and workforce disruption, according to tech entrepreneur Ian Hogarth, the newly appointed chair of the UK government’s AI taskforce. In an interview with the BBC, Hogarth warned that protecting British jobs will prove challenging as Continue Reading