Quantum Computing and Password Security

The advent of quantum computing brings both promise and peril. While quantum computers will allow us to solve complex problems far beyond the capabilities of classical computers, they may also be able to crack encryption that secures our data today, including passwords. Most passwords and sensitive data on the internet Continue Reading

Measuring IT Department Performance and Value

In today’s digitally driven business environment, the IT department plays a crucial role in enabling organisational success and competitiveness. However, many judgments of IT performance remain subjective, based on opinions rather than facts. IT leaders need objective processes to measure their department’s success and value to the business. Well-designed performance Continue Reading

How the UK’s New Flexible Working Measures Will Affect IT Departments

The UK government recently announced new legislation that gives employees the right to request flexible working from their first day on the job. This is a significant change that will have major impacts on IT departments within organizations across the country. Here’s an overview of what the new measures entail Continue Reading

Infrastructure Management: Ensuring the Backbone of Technology is Strong

Infrastructure management is an essential aspect of an IT department. It refers to managing the hardware, software, networks, and other essential components that form the backbone of an organization’s information technology infrastructure. The role of infrastructure management in an IT department is critical as it ensures that the organization’s IT Continue Reading